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Fast Permits for At-Risk Groups

Anyone who has an increased need to defend themselves shall not be denied a gun permit. This includes people who face an increased risk of violence, including people who are LGBTQ+ and/or victims of domestic violence. The issuance of their gun permit shall take no longer than 5 business days.

Reduced Permit Hassles

Ensure that the state and local government does not put any undue burden on citizens who are trying to lawfully abide by permit regulations. To do this, we will eliminate the current six-month permit waiting period.

1) The new permit waiting period for people who are not at risk will be 90 days.

2) If the system fails to make a choice, one way or the other, the permit is granted automatically.

3) If the county does not approve a permit there must be a reason provided and the decision is able to be appealed.

End Discriminatory Practices

Law enforcement practices toward people of color in relation to guns must end. Stop and frisk, which is used to search people for guns, should be abolished. People of color should feel safe owning and carrying arms without fear of how law enforcement will react.

Universal Transport Laws

As long as a gun is unloaded and stored in closed containers, then it may be transported anywhere in New York state, regardless of county or municipal laws. This includes out-of-state visitors who do not have a permit. Unloaded shall be redefined to mean that the ammo is not inside the gun, regardless of jurisdiction.

Red Flag Law Reforms

Reform New York’s red flag law so that evidence against the gun owner must be proven to be accurate and true. The accused must also both have an opportunity to defend themselves in court and be able to request a jury to help ensure a fair hearing.


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