I was born and raised in Homer, NY and am a graduate of the Homer Trojans’ class of 2007. After spending a few years in the local workforce, I enlisted into the Marine Corps in 2010, was married shortly thereafter, and honorably served my four years of active duty, a majority of them at Camp Pendleton, CA. At the conclusion of our time on the west coast, my wife and I returned to our home state in the summer of 2014 to raise our family. That same year, I began my pursuit of a higher education and subsequently graduated from Le Moyne College's Madden School of Business in the spring of 2016 with a bachelor's degree in business management and leadership and a minor in political philosophy. I was a member of the philosophy club and also helped spearhead the formation of the Student Veteran's Organization at the college and held the position of secretary during my time there. Following LeMoyne, I continued on to Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management, pursuing a master's degree in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship.

As a native of this area, and now a husband and father of two, I am fully invested in the future of our district and take pride in being active in many organizations within the local community, striving to freely offer my time and talents to enrich that community which i have such deep ties to. I volunteer as an interim coach of my daughter's YMCA gymnastics team and also lend a hand with her local Girl Scout troop out of Truxton, NY. I have been an active member of the Knights of Columbus since 2013, transferring my membership to the local chapter out of Cortland. I saw the need and answered the call to begin the Libertarian Party of Cortland County in 2016, where I currently continue to act as the chair. I also joined the local Marine Corps League in 2017. All three of these organizations, at the heart of their missions, place a high value on the charitable acts that they give back to their community, something that resonates profoundly with me and has ultimately pushed me to run for this position.

I firmly stand behind the constitution I swore to protect and defend and I align myself with core Libertarian party beliefs that support a smaller government and place emphasis on individual liberties.

For more information on my stance and policies on specific issues, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.


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